May 13,2016
Edward Burman
(Mediapolis Engineering China Executive Director) and Zhou Bing (President of Shaanxi Tourism Group of X’an) this morning in X’an the signing of the preliminary agreement for the Theater and the Chinese Show in Venice

September 11,2015
Today, September 11, 2015 at 17:00 local time in X’an, MEDIAPOLIS Engineering has signed a document containing a declaration of the intentions to combine the Shaanxi Tourism Group (big public player in the province of X’an with 4,000 million euro in revenue) for the project the SILK ROAD and the creation of the first European hub of the Chinese Theater in Venice, a new theater in the lagoon city, symbol of the Silk Road, and a permanent exhibition of Chinese production about the journey of Marco Polo, planned investment of 70 million Euros .
The script, the set design and direction will be assigned to a Italian and Chinese mixed team.
It is the first time that China points at a big target: a global impact project to internationalize its own large-scale entertainment industry focusing on a “live performance” that starting from the Venetian hub is intended to be replicated in the major European theaters!
This initiative is included in the new framework for the development of Asia-Europe relations that President Xi Jinping has called “New SILK ROAD”.
The news was reported today to the press and the Chinese television during the X’AN SILK ROAD INTERNATIONAL TOURISM EXPO SUMMIT FORUM 2015