Project Description


Years: 2010-2014
CityVia Mongrando – Turin
BIOS Società Coop. Sociale/Il Giglio srl
Type: Architecture, Structures, HVAC and electrical equipment (preliminary, final, working design), On-site Construction Management, Safety Management, Fire prevention
Total investment: 21.083.566,00 €
The purpose of this project was to create a nursing home for dependent elderly people which would maintain and develop a network with local institutions, urban context, voluntary associations, families of the guests, in addition to promoting amid local residents a more inclusive idea of the elderly. The building hosts 140 beds, with a ward for Alzheimer’s Disease patients (20 beds) following the most updated standards. 60 places, divided into three 20-bed wards, will form the so-called “flexible nursing home” (RAF); some of these places will be destined for relief hospitalisation and/or emergencies according to the local sanitary structures’ needs. Each ward is self-organised and managed, it contains 20 beds (7 single rooms and 8 double ones) in order to maximise comfort for both patients and their relatives.
The layout of the rooms abandons the rigid hospital schemes to revolve around a vast space surrounding the central courtyard. Glazed corridors benefit from light and perspective and, overlooking the internal garden, they change following the seasons.
Circular routes inside the wards help staff in their everyday chores of assistance and surveillance of elderly guests.