Project Description


Years: 2017 – present day
City: Via Fermi  – Ispra (VA)

Type: General and Operational Costruction Management, Safety Management
Total investment: 18.000.000,00 €

Joint Research Center, European Community

The intervention is about the construction of the new Building 102 inside the JRC Ispra compound; the new building will host offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, laboratories and common services on 5 floors, 4 of which above ground level and the underground one actually free on two sides. A portion of the building will be three-storey only, with an open upper deck where photovoltaic panels will be installed and access will be granted for maintenance only.
The plan is defined by two L-shaped buildings that form a central square courtyard, covered with a spectacular steel structure composed by contrasting arches supporting inflated ETFE cushions. Main geometry is square-based, with glazed portions moving back from circulation spaces; the taller half of Bldg. 102 forms an upturned C facing South, whereas the other, shorter C-shaped half overlooks the northern side of the site.
The overall volume of the building is compact, the ribbon openings follow a regular layout and alternate with opaque strips of composite wood cladding. The continuity of the cladding is interrupted at the tips of the square diagonal, where full-length glazed volumes insert themselves in the main body.