Project Description

Piazza Bernini Torino

Immobiliare Bernini s.r.l.

Architectural design (with +Studio Architetti), Structural design,Electrical&Mechanical systems, HVAC, Fire systems, Building site management, Safety management during construction.

8.006.624,00 €

Bernini2 is a residential project in Turin inaugurated in 2018, in piazza Bernini,2, as result of a joint-venture among Co.Ge.Fa., Mediapolis Engineering and +Studio Architetti. The project combines the restyling of an urban villa dating back to the 1950s, signed by Milanese architects Asnago&Vender, with the building of a new eight-storey tower – the latter reaching up to the neighbouring houses of corso Tassoni and offering a breath-taking view on the Alps. Contemporary lines and unprecedented combinations of materials are the trademark of a project that offers an alternative to luxury housing in Turin.